Growing Truffle Success.

Treetec has been involved with the evolving Australian truffle industry since its inception in the early 90’s in Tasmania. We pioneered truffle growing in Western Australia in the late 90’s, including the very successful Truffle and Wine Co in Manjimup.

Treetec is recognized as a world leader in Truffle Growing Success for all size trufferies in Australia, New Zealand and USA.

Dr. Nicholas Malajczuk PhD is the Managing Director of Treetec Consulting Pty Ltd.  Nick is forestry educated with 25 years of research experience in CSIRO Division of Forestry. His expertise includes Australian and international research on plantation establishment and nutritional management with major forestry companies in Australia as well as extensive experience in China, Phillipines and Japan. 
He has consulted for many plantation projects in Western Australia and has been credited with appointments as adjunct professor at various universities in Perth, Western Australia.

Treetec technology and management procedures, for truffle production and yield improvement, have gained recognition globally.